May 11

My delight in Bo’s Book ripples through the narrative of sensations…

“I find my body immediately swaying as the spoon in my mind waves in ripples of color and light. And from that first sensation of swaying, I find myself moving inward, deeper and deeper until the measured cadence becomes attuned to my heartbeat. Moving into the rhythm of sound, I lose the sense of a story being told and become free of the words and full only of sensation… The ticking of the clock, the tapping of the keys, these I feel inside my head, measured by the pulse in my veins. Blood moving. High, low, that’s the flow. Caught in a river of colorful sound, I experience the cool pressure of the hard wood on my belly as I squiggle across the floor, a longing moving me forward to my goal. Snake-like, I experience the delight of a child’s sensory world. The only goal worth having is staying in the moment. I am reminded that I don’t have to grow up and out of touch. Bo’s world is one I never want to leave. A world of light and sound and smell and touch that transcends the realm of narrative storytelling and leaves you lost in rhythm, found in consciousness, and for me, misting in sweet warm tears.”

Review by Susan Reedy, Temple City, California